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Where to get items

You can get items by either killing monsters or buying them from shops or players. Monsters can drop items when killed, the chance of this happening depends on the monster and item. Usually more powerful and more valuable items have a lower drop rate than weaker and cheaper ones. Items usually have a selling value which is the copper you will get by selling it to a Npc in a shop. If the item has a special trait, then it can't be sold in a regular shop. These special items can be sold to players.

Types of items

There are four different kinds of items:

  • Usable items
  • Equipable items
  • Materials
  • Quest items
  • Usable items are items such as potions.

    Equipable items are divided into: Weapons, Shields, Helmets, Amulets and Artifacts.

    Materials can be anything from slime goo to bear fur. These items are useless for now, but will later be used for crafting. Npcs will buy these items in the current version.

    Quest items are items such as Keys or other objects that are connected to a specific quest. These can't be sold. These are also the only items that are not dropped upon dying.

    Rare items

    Sometimes monsters can drop rare items, these are all equipable and have extra stats added or substracted to them. Below is a list of the different rarity groups ordered from weakest to strongest:

    • Broken (-2)
    • Weakened (-1)
    • Common
    • Reinforced (+1)
    • Battle (+2)
    • War (+3)
    • Master(+4)
    • Epic (+5)
    • Legendary(+6)

    The number in parenthesises is the stat modifier. This number is multiplied by the level of the item before being added to the base stats.

    Magic items

    Only special monsters drop these. Special monsters are those with a colored glow around them. There are different specialities and each speciality can drop a magic item of its kind. The different magical types are:

    • Burning (+Fire Def)
    • Frozen (+Cold Def)
    • Shock (+Shock Def)
    • Mighty (+Strength)
    • Toxic (+Chem Def)
    • Flash (+Speed)